Rendez-vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta (RDV2017) is a 10,000 mile transatlantic Tall Ships race which starts in Torbay (after a port festival in Royal Greenwich last weekend) on Wednesday 19 April. The race is organised by Sail Training International.

Where will the vessels go?

After departing Torbay they will race to Sines, in Portugal. From there will race to Bermuda (with a 48 hr stop-over in Las Palmas), then onto Boston, USA. Onwards from there to Prince Edward Island and Canadian Waters, via numerous small ports in and around the St Lawrence River, they will join a flotilla of ships from the Great Lakes and converge on Quebec City, to celebrate Canada 150 – the anniversary of the Canadian confederation. From there the racing vessels sail to Halifax, Nova Scotia, before racing back to the final port of Le Havre in France.

Where can we see them?

The fleet will be moored in and around Holden Pier in Torquay, whilst the bigger ships will be anchored in the bay.

When will they be there?

The ships are making their way round from the River Thames and are expected to arrive from late Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning.

Will we be able to go onboard?

No, the crews will be making final preparations for their first race, however you will be able to see them from the quayside.

When is the race start?

The ships will depart the quaysides at around 14.00hrs on Wednesday in order to make their way to the start line, which is about five nautical miles offshore. Ships should be visible in the distance to those viewing from Berry Head. The Class A ships (the largest of the racing fleet) will start at 17.00hrs local time whilst the smaller vessels will start at 17.30hrs local time, with ships gathering and manoeuvring around the start area for approx. one hour before.